The hefty communications taking place over Microsoft SharePoint can easily be archived when adding Merge1 to your existing infrastructure. Merge1 will extract any files that have been integrated into SharePoint through collaboration. You can now archive any replies, blog posts, likes, comments within your SharePoint communications for compliance and eDiscovery needs.

Microsoft SharePoint data is automatically retrieved for retention in an archive. As opposed to other solutions, which require sending your work-force’s critical and sensitive communications to third-party data store, Merge1 manages ingestion into any archive including: Office 365, Veritas Enterprise Vault, ProofPoint, Mimecast and others to create a single repository for compliance management, discovery and supervisory procedures.

Globanet helps regulated firms:

  • Meet heavily monitored industry regulations like the SEC, FINRA, HIPAA, FDA and many more.
  • Ensure unified identity and policy across all conversations and content.
  • Merge1 enhances eDiscovery, helps with litigation preparedness and, consequently, reduces litigation risk.

Once archived, SharePoint communications can be retained, supervised for compliance and searched for eDiscovery and internal Information Governance.

Merge1 Excels In Archiving Files From SharePoint

  • Captures replies
  • Captures blog post
  • Captures likes
  • Captures comment

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