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Disaster Recovery Services

Often times, disaster recovery procedures are not kept up-to-date and have not been tested to ensure that information and services can be recovered quickly and back online ready for usage. This service includes a step-by-step evaluation of the existing plan and creating an improved process based on the recovery strategy dictated by the nature of the business. By testing and optimizing the plan though improvised scenarios, you can be fully prepared in the event of a disaster.

Migration Forensics

Migration Forensics Services provide an in-depth technical analysis of the failed items and messages to determine which failures can be remedied, moved to another location, or must be removed from the system. After the migration or consolidation of data, items and information can easily fail in the process, which will need to be investigated. This service ensures that all data either becomes accessible, if the data is not accessible, nor a candidate for migration, the data will be documented.

Storage and Back Up Services

Storage and Back Up Services include support for storage devices such as Centera and NetApp and provide you with the information backup stability and predictability that you need. Being either a temporary or a continuous ongoing service, our team is available to provide support for back up and restoration, as well as support for high-end storage devices.

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“As more large enterprises and regulated customers implement Office 365, they are asking for easier ways to archive data from 3rd party sources. In response, we’ve made the Office 365 archiving platform more extensible. We’ve worked closely with Globanet, their services make it easy for customers to store a wide range of data types in Office 365.”

— Rudra Mitra, Partner Director, Microsoft Office 365.