Globanet Migrate

Data Migration Software that seamlessly moves data between on-premise and cloud-based archives

Globanet Migrate (patent-pending) is an archive migration software solution for small to large organizations. It seamlessly moves large data sets in various formats to different archive or mail platforms. Many organizations are unhappy with their legacy archives, but are concerned with the potential data loss associated with a data migration. Globanet Migrate is a software application that eliminates those risks by enabling administrators to migrate data while safely maintaining chain of custody. It allows organizations to migrate archived data from a variety of disparate platforms to the archive solution of choice, whether it be on-premise or in the cloud.

Industry-Leading Data Migration Software

Globanet Migrate’s cryptographic hashing ensures an accurate and complete chain of custody (integrity of messages remain intact) for each organization. It will dynamically reassign retention categories based on various criteria. The solution allows organizations to retire old hardware systems, such as EMC Centera, and avoid paying unnecessary maintenance fees. Plus, Globanet Migrate’s rich functionality provides validation, error and performance reporting to allow administrators to make sound decisions during a data migration project.

Supports Multiple Email Formats and Archive Platforms

If your organization utilizes Veritas Enterprise Vault, EMC SourceOne, Microsoft Exchange or Office 365 (O365), Globanet Migrate can move data to and from several archive and email platforms, including:


  • Veritas Enterprise Vault
  • EAS
  • EMC EmailXtender
  • EMC SourceOne
  • EWS (Exchange)
  • Office 365
  • Gmail
  • PST
  • EML
  • MSG
  • CommVault
  • Autonomy
  • Metalogix
  • NSF Files
  • HubStor Mimosa (Nearpoint)
  • HP IAP
  • AXS-One

Target PST

  • EML
  • EWS (Exchange)
  • Office 365
  • Veritas Enterprise Vault
  • MSG
  • Mimecast
  • Gmail
  • CommVault
  • HubStor
  • ProofPoint
  • Barracuda
  • EMC SourceOne
  • Netmail
  • Google Vault

Multiple Data Migration Scenarios to Meet Every Need

If you are already using Enterprise Vault, you’ll find that entire journal archives can be moved from server to server within a given site or between completely separate sites (for relocations, corporate mergers, corporate splits or other needs). Messages archived prior to Enterprise Vault 8.0′s OSIS (Optimized Single Instance Storage) model can be reprocessed, allowing this state-of-the-art storage architecture to significantly reduce storage both retroactively and on a go-forward basis.

Globanet Migrate’s common migration scenarios include:

  • Migrating from on-premise archive solutions to Microsoft Office 365 or Veritas Enterprise
  • Migrating to Enterprise Vault from an existing email archiving platform via API
  • Migrating from one cloud-based solution to another
  • Migrating Enterprise Vault data across hardware (including EMC Centera)
  • Migrating archives between different Enterprise Vault sites
  • Reprocessing data archived before Enterprise Vault 8.0 OSIS
  • Repatriating email data from hosting providers

Globanet Migrate patent-pending technology provides numerous key features and benefits, including:

  • Logging and performance metrics
  • Threading model, which improves throughput and scalability
  • PST source and target, which eliminates the need to connect to Microsoft Outlook
  • Powerful auto-tuning that optimizes the use of available hardware
  • Unique architecture designed for high performance and cloud-based hardware, lowers overall memory requirements on server
  • PowerShell framework for migration management control via simple commands
  • Flexible filtering capabilities to migrate specific subsets of data
  • Legacy shortcut conversion enables a seamless end user experience
  • Unique task flow offers full control over migration, including sending data to multiple targets
  • Connector API and SDK to support customized connector production by third parties
  • Friendly user-interface that is fluid and intuitive
  • Complete auditing of each unique item
  • Robust reporting for compliance and chain of custody

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