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Microsoft 365 Applications with the Power of Merge1

Capture Communications into Microsoft 365 for Compliance Peace of Mind. Globanet Merge1 is essentially the only universal message ingestion engine on the market today. While other products and services claim to offer similar functionality, Globanet’s Merge1 stands alone as the most mature and proven solution for ingestion of multiple message types, while simultaneously offering the flexibility of user-defined templates and rules, with the ability to import the data into any archive. Merge1 captures 60+ connector communications into Office 365 and helps companies comply with regulatory bodies such as the SEC, FINRA, HIPAA, FDA, GDPR, CCPA and much more.

Merge1 Benefits with Microsoft 365 Archive:

  • Avoid hassle of running two archives in parallel
  • Mitigate spending money on expensive, recurring monthly fees
  • Continuously capture communications
  • No training required
  • Communication captured in native format
  • Retains communications to comply with regulatory bodies

Archive all communications and collaboration activities across your Microsoft applications.

Microsoft 365 Applications with the Power of Merge1

Merge1 mitigates risk from regulatory bodies as more communications are moved through Microsoft 365 applications.

  • Globanet’s Merge1 has not only helped companies find their compliance peace of mind, but also has shown the ease of becoming and staying compliant. The power of Merge1 has given companies the push they need to adopt more and more of Microsoft 365 applications to conduct business.
  • Globanet’s Merge1 team has empowered users to fully embrace all aspects of Microsoft 365 suite of applications and assures all monitored users will stay compliant to stringent governmental and corporate rule makers.

Helps Comply with Major Regulatory Bodies

  • Financial: SEC, FINRA, CFTC, SOX MiFID II
  • Pharma & Healthcare: FDA, HIPPA, FDCA, ARRA
  • Governmental: FOIA, FISMA
  • Energy & Utilities: FERC, DOE, ERC, State Regulations
  • International / Commercial: CCPA, FTC, GDPR

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