Easily Archive All Your Communications For Compliance and eDiscovery

Merge1 is a powerfully simple tool that helps archive all of your communications and content to your existing infrastructure.

Archiving Workforce Communications Matters

As more and more business communications take place over new digital mediums such as social media, text and Financial IM, capturing these communications has become essential for:

  • Compliance with industry regulations, including financial services and pharmaceuticals
  • Support of eDiscovery efforts for legal cases and investigations
  • Retention of communications for corporate governance and other mandates

But Most Message Archiving Solutions Require Adopting a Second Archive.

Most message archiving solutions require sending your staff’s critical, sensitive communications to a 3rd Party archive. Moreover, this requires ongoing monthly subscription fees.

Worse still, it necessitates the painful and expensive process of either: A. Migrating all of your archived communications to a 3rd Party’s data store, or B. Maintaining data in two separate locations – your existing archive and a 3rd Party archive.

Merge1 Enables You To Archive Any Communication To Your Existing Archive

Merge1 – the only archive messaging app endorsed by both Microsoft and Veritas – greatly simplifies the process of archiving messages for compliance and eDiscovery. By working with your existing email archive, Merge1 helps you avoid:

  • Burdensome migration of your existing data to a 3rd party store
  • The hassle of running two archives in parallel
  • Spending money on expensive, recurring monthly fees


  • EASE: Offers the easiest installation and deployment on the market
  • FREEDOM: Gives you full control of your data, helping to prevent software lock-in
  • CONTINUITY: Sends data to either your local or Cloud-based archive (e.g. Office 365)
  • FLEXIBILITY: Runs on-prem or via our dedicated private Cloud
  • ADAPTABILITY: Allows customization to support any content type

Content Types

Merge1 extends your email archive to support additional content sources, including social media, enterprise social, text, IM, financial messaging platforms, files and custom content.


Usage of collaboration networks is on the rise. Stay privy and compliant by archiving conversations your workforce is having on collaboration platforms.

Document Collaboration

Archive Cloud-based file sharing solutions – used by a large percentage of enterprises – quickly and easily with Merge1.

Financial Platforms

Easily achieve financial messaging compliance by archiving communications from leading financial platforms.

Mobile and Text

Does your workforce conduct business over their mobile device? Globanet makes it easy to archive those communications for compliance and eDiscovery.




Ding Talk



Enterprise Tools





Customization / Custom Content Types

Don’t see your content type on this list?

Merge1 is CUSTOMIZABLE and can help archive any content type (including text delimited, XSLT/XML and DB formats).

Merge1 Advantages

Use your existing archive and storage
Keep your data
Avoid expensive monthly fees
Capture all message types

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