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In-House or Virtual Archiving & eDiscovery Management

Due to budget limitations, many organizations lack the dedicated archiving administrator who will devote their schedule to managing data. When you can’t justify adding a full-time salary to your operation, Globanet’s data management services can fill the gap and put your resource intensive IT operations in the experience hands of our specialists.

Globanet offers data management solutions that allow organizations to benefit from an increase in the efficiency of their operations. They also experience lower costs while reducing the exposure of IT risk. A comprehensive data management system will keep your costs manageable while helping you to meet internal strategic business requirements and keep your archiving and eDiscovery environment continuously monitored and serviced by Globanet’s specialized staff.

Enterprise Vault is an Enterprise-Class solution such as Lotus Domino or Microsoft Exchange. While many organizations fail to maintain Enterprise Vault after it is implemented into their system, it requires the same type of management as these other solutions. Using data management systems to manage Enterprise Vault correctly will result in attaining all of the benefits of this top of the line data management solution.

Enterprise Vault Management

The fact that seasoned Enterprise Vault engineers are difficult to find and in high demand also makes them expensive. Although organizations might feel adding a staff member for data management is not justifiable at any given time, ignoring the need for an archiving solution is not an acceptable alternative. With Globanet data management services, you have access to engineers that are experienced and capable of implementing, troubleshooting, and managing your Enterprise Vault environments so that it remains in good shape.


As an alternative to investing in Enterprise Vault, those organizations without the necessary funding will often bleed resources from internal systems that are also in need of daily management. This often results in the IT department approaching management of Enterprise Vault as a reaction to a situation that has already occurred. The end result is that other systems are affected negatively and significant time is lost in trying to assess the situation. Overall, the cost of not having a data management system that keeps the Enterprise Vault maintained can quickly lead to out of control spending.

Cost Control

Often, a search of archived items by an organization is connected to an eDiscovery effort that has been initiated by the legal team for external or internal purposes. These situations call for an archive and discovery solution that has been correctly maintained and is fully functional so that timely and accurate results can be attained.

eDiscovery Expertise

All of the Globanet engineers that manage the Enterprise Vault system have been certified by Veritas. They also have several years of experience in working with the system and have the expertise to prove an Enterprise Vault data management solution that will keep your archive in a healthy and managed state.

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