EV Health Check

Automated Veritas Enterprise Vault archive analysis and reporting tool

EV Health Check helps organizations with the performance and integrity of their key data archives.

Veritas Enterprise Vault is the leading solution of its kind. The archive it creates, however, can become corrupt or bloated with duplicate data or extraneous content. For those organizations that do not perform a regular health check of such archives, there exists a significant risk. This includes uncertainty regarding whether archive system configurations are functionally correctly, are aligned with Veritas’s best practices, or have become vulnerable to systemic failure.

The Globanet Enterprise Vault Health Check Tool is specially designed to ensure a quality inspection of data archives and quickly enable organizations to take steps that optimize the performance of Enterprise Vault and the health of the archive(s).

The Globanet Enterprise Vault Health Check Tool automates the process of collecting environmental data, analyzing it and creating a health check report. This method, containing over 350 health checkpoints for an Enterprise Vault environment, ensures a less labor and a less time-intensive review than a typical manual sampling method. The health check is completed quickly so the real goal of the health check can be realized: taking any specific action(s) as required to optimize the health and performance of the archive itself as well as incorporating Veritas’s best practices, including, but not limited to proper indexing, review of content retention rules and elimination of spurious or duplicate content.

The Globanet Enterprise Vault Health Check Tool monitors the client’s Enterprise Vault environment. Data is extracted in real time by scanning the EV Directory database utilizing SQL Queries, WMI and the Enterprise Vault API.

EV Statistics

EV Analytics

A summary and detailed analysis report (Microsoft Word format) containing relevant, actionable information is created, including a variance analysis enabling the client’s IT team to instantly see if reported values fall into an acceptable range according to Veritas’s best practices.

Enterprise Vault administrators and experts can save time by accelerating the data collection and document population process through automation; our key goal for improving the manageability and effectiveness of Enterprise Vault systems.

The Globanet Enterprise Vault Health Check Tool is an excellent way of allowing a Globanet consultant or authorized partner to periodically check and test an organization’s Enterprise Vault archive solution. The tool drastically shortens the amount of time it takes to collect mass amounts of data, quite literally hours compared to days. Since the information presented in the report is only able to be interpreted by an expert, the solution prescribed is comprehensive and cogent. The expert consultant’s suggestions can include specific immediate issues, but could also prevent future disasters from occurring. Proactively detecting potential issues before they require major repairs allows the organization to focus on the discovery of information instead of responding to crashes or major IT incidents when conducting discoverables. Regular inspection and maintenance of an Enterprise Vault environment is imperative to the health and integrity of the archiving solutions investment.

A typical Enterprise Vault Health Check engagement requires a significant amount of time to be spent on data collection and document population before a meaningful analysis can be performed.

The Globanet Enterprise Vault Health Check Tool optimizes engagement time by minimizing the data collection phase and populating the report, allowing more time for consultative analysis and review of the report to enable the client to quickly improve their Enterprise Vault functionality and ensure the health of their archive(s). Organizations move forward confident that the systems are functioning properly and yielding dependable, optimized archives.

To see how the Globanet Enterprise Vault Health Check Tool can benefit your organization, please contact us or request a quote for your specific requirements.

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  • “The departure of our Enterprise Vault Messaging Administrator put our company in a pickle. While we continued to rely on EV for our data archiving needs we were unable to understand our EV investment. We reached out to EV’s maker, Veritas, who recommended Globanet’s Enterprise Vault Health Check Tool. Globanet’s tool provided a quality inspection of our EV data and quickly enabled our company to optimize the performance/health of our EV environment with proper retention policies. The product was easy to set up and completed the job in about a day; Globanet was a pleasure to work with!”

    — Kyle Rudolph, Team Lead Infrastructure Services @ Lightstream Resources

  • “Globanet’s EV Health Check Tool was instrumental in providing our company salient, critical recommendations about our EV environment. Through the product’s thorough, proactive and insightful report we learned our EV server was too small, we did not have enough dedicated processors and that our EV settings were not optimized. Our company is implementing and benefiting from Globanet’s EV assessments thankful they were pointed out to us before a serious matter arose. We recommend the Globanet Enterprise Vault Health Check Tool to any company deploying EV to improve their EV environment and catch issues while they are still minor.”

    — Lance Loudan, Manager IT Infrastructure @ Gardere, Wynne & Sewell

  • “Globanet recently helped our firm upgrade from Veritas Enterprise Vault (EV) 9 to 12 with the Globanet EV Health Check Tool. We had a wonderful, smooth experience working with Globanet from start to finish. Globanet’s sales, project management and solution engineering teams shined by providing excellent and timely communications so we could enjoy the benefits of EV12 without needing to troubleshoot matters within EV9 anymore. The Globanet EV Health Check Tool delivered value to our firm with its extensive analysis of our EV environment (looping us in, many times, to EV areas we did not know about that we are now gratefully addressing thanks to Globanet) while being exceptionally easy to run. I heartily recommend Globanet’s EV Health Check Tool for any organization looking to maximize their EV environment and /or upgrade to EV12.”

    — Scott Timmerman, IT Manager @ Clausen Miller