Easily archive communications to enhance eDiscovery and Info Governance.

Merge1 Reduces eDiscovery Risk By Helping Archive All Of Your Communications

The Challenge: Your Workforce Uses Several Mediums To Communicate

Today, the majority of business communications take place across various digital mediums, including instant message, text message, chat, social media, enterprise social, and financial messaging networks. In fact, studies shows that 70% of workforce communications now take place over non-email sources.

The Problem: You Want To Be Able To Search and Find Any Workforce Communication

To properly support eDiscovery efforts, firms must archive not only emails, but also messages that are sent across these various digital mediums. Otherwise, communications that might be relevant to lawsuits or internal HR investigations, for example, can not be discovered.

The Solution: Merge1 Helps Archive and Search Various Communications for eDiscovery

Since 2005, Merge1 by Globanet has helped firms in various industries quickly and easily enhance their eDiscovery capabilities. Merge1 extends your existing email archive to capture all of the messages being sent by your workforce across any medium. By expanding search results to include all communications, Merge1 enhances eDiscovery, helps with litigation preparedness and, consequently, reduces litigation risk.


Archive All Workforce Communications

Expand Search Results and Enhance Litigation Preparedness

Maximize Your Existing Infrastructure

Avoid Expensive Recurring Fees

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