Data Collection

Collecting Company Data for Archiving and Data Migrations.

The first step in any data migration project is data collection. With so many disparate electronic data sources, this is often easier said than done. Most organizations have valuable data housed in email, instant messages (IM), text messages, social media posts, file sharing systems and more. In order to upgrade systems or move to new ones, it’s imperative to have an easy and affordable way to collect and consolidate all of that data into a single database of records.

There are many methods to gather information from this wide variety of information sources, but it’s important to have a data collection plan and solution in place before you start. It’s also valuable to think about how the information is organized, analyzed, interpreted and reported on for various stakeholders (such as IT, compliance, legal and executive teams). Finally, if you have eDiscovery needs, it’s vital to remember that many discovery costs relate to the collection and review of electronic communications. So, having the ability to easily collect and consolidate it will save you time and money in the long run.

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