Custom Development

Tailor-made Solutions to Meet Your Enterprise Vault and Microsoft Exchange Needs

Globanet’s Custom Development Services provide tailor-made solutions to meet your Enterprise Vault or Microsoft Exchange needs – from simple tools solving specific issues to full application frameworks providing end-to-end solutions, we can build it for you. With more than 25 years experience in the market, Globanet has a very experienced team of developers who are capable of providing highly effective solutions. Globanet Custom Development Services give you direct access to our business analysts, developers and project managers regardless of the size of your engagement, cutting through the usual communication bottlenecks that reduce the efficiency on projects.

Our experience with development projects includes:

  • Veritas Enterprise Vault, including recovery solutions as well as search, migration and auditing solutions, using the Enterprise Vault API
  • Veritas Compliance Accelerator and Veritas Discovery Accelerator, providing integrated workflows for legal teams, customized email alerting and auditing functionality
  • Microsoft Exchange, posing solutions including auditing, integration with your own solutions, scripting and custom reporting
  • Custom Auditing Solutions, designed for auditing existing migration accuracy, ensuring your migration has been compliant and no data is lost, no matter which migration provider you use
  • PST Import and Management, offering significant expertise to help you with your PST management or corruption issues
  • Third Party Archiving Systems, extracting or auditing data in other archiving systems, including EMC EmailXtender, HP/Autonomy archiving solutions, such as EAS, IAP, ACA and Mimosa NearPoint, and cloud archive solutions

No matter how big or small the scope of your project is, with Globanet’s development team behind your project, you’ll have the most experienced archive and email development team in the industry working with you.

To learn more, contact us or request a quote for your specific requirements.

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