Compliance Services

Merge1 helps you easily archive communications to comply with regulations and internal governance all while using your existing email archive.

The Challenge: Your Industry’s Regulations or Internal Policies Mandate You To
Archive Communications

If you operate in a regulated sector, such as Financial Services, Healthcare, Pharmaceuticals, Energy, etc., industry regulations may obligate you to archive your workforce’s business communications. For example, communication and record keeping rules set by the SEC, FDA, HIPAA and others require businesses to track and store interactions between employees, partners, and clients.

The Problem: Most Solutions Required You To Send Your Data To a 3rd Party Archive

How do you retain and supervise information in order to be in compliance with industry regulations? Most data compliance solutions require sending your workforce’s critical, sensitive communications to a third party data store. Moreover, these services require expensive recurring monthly fees for the maintenance of a second archive, in addition to your existing email archive.

The Solution: Merge1 Facilitates Compliance By Leveraging Your Existing Infrastructure

Since 2005, Merge1 by Globanet has helped firms in numerous, regulated industries quickly and easily gain compliance with messaging regulations. Merge1 facilitates compliance by using your current archiving infrastructure. Merge1 extends your existing email archive to capture various communications channels, including social media, enterprise social, IM, text/mobile, financial messaging platforms and Cloud-based file sharing tools. Once these messages are ingested into your archive, they can be retained according to regulatory mandates and internal governance rules.

“Merge1 is an integral and invaluable tool. My team uses Merge1 to meet company needs for capturing EML/Reuters, Blackberry, Symphony and Bloomberg data. The product is intuitive, easy to set up, and I appreciate the personalized sale and support attention we receive. I would recommend Merge1 to anyone.”

— VP of Compliance at a Large International Bank


Reduce Compliance Risk

Avoid Fines, Penalties and Other Enforcement Actions

Maximize Your Existing Infrastructure

Avoid Expensive Recurring Fees

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