“Start where you are. Use what you have. Do what you can.”

– Arthur Ashe

Commitment is at the core of Globanet.

Our commitment extends beyond our customers, to our communities and our world. With offices located in different countries around the world our impact is global. CEO Sevag Ajemian empowers our team to get involved and make a difference beyond our local communities to the world at large. Globanet is proud to be an avid support of various charities, including:

Los Angeles Food Bank

Los Angeles Food Bank’s mission is to mobilize resources to fight hunger in the LA community. With one in five people in our corporate headquarters backyard experiencing food insecurity, Globanet is committed to help the community and support hunger relief. As an annual Thanksgiving tradition, Globanet HQ does a food run at our local grocery store, where everyone collects as many non-perishable items as possible in a set time. Globanet then donates the groceries to the LA Food Bank team.

AUA – American University of Armenia

With the strong belief in education being the greatest opportunity to change a life, the co-owners of Globanet have committed themselves to AUA. An annual scholarship was created to further the opportunities for Armenia’s youth. Our CEO’s passion has expanding into our Armenia office where AUA students are given internships and the ability to further their career in software engineering. Globanet Armenia is commitment to supporting AUA students with their education and career goals.

Armenia Tree Project

Our CEO has brought his passion for supporting green initiatives to Globanet. Armenia Tree People’s goal is to use trees to improve the standard of living for Armenians and to protect the environment. Globanet helps find the synergy between people and the planet through donations that help impact the long-term sustainability of Armenia’s land and environment. Our CEO continues to support the cause and mission of ATP beyond donations by hosting and attending numerous fundraisers.

The Tree People

The Tree People of Los Angeles unite communities to grow a greener and more water secure home. Fighting climate change and creating a sustainable future is necessary to help our planet heal. Co-owners of Globanet support the mission of The Tree People through donations and attendance at annual fundraisers. Globanet has helped the efforts of The Tree People firsthand by hosting a company-wide event where our office went into nature and planted trees for the afternoon.

Armenia Support Fund

Co-owner of Globanet, Jacklin Ajemian, is an active board member of the Armenia Support Fund which began with the goal of pursuing strategic initiatives to support Armenians across the globe. The organization began in 2020 in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. The fund vows to support projects and programs that boost economic development and promote unity in Armenia and amongst the diaspora community. ASF is committed to helping small and medium sized Armenian businesses.